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What You Need to Know about Security Scroll Nuts


Security fasteners, including various types of tamper-proof bolts and nuts, are becoming increasingly popular. In this post we focus on security scrolls nuts, also known as ‘wave nuts’.

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What are Scroll Nuts?

Scroll nuts are a clever high security nut design, often called ‘wave nuts’. Unlike conventional nuts that have angular facets, enabling them to be used with standard spanners, scroll nuts are conical in shape and feature a distinctive smooth, wavy pattern around their circumference. The absence of any sharp angles in this wavy design makes these high security nuts resistant to standard tools such as grips and pliers.

Scroll nuts are reusable 2-way security fasteners as they can be both tightened and released using a matching scroll nut driver tool. This makes them ideal for many situations in which high security anti tamper fastenings are necessary but there is also the need to open and close whatever they are fastening, from time to time.

m10 scroll nut
M10 Scroll Nut


Scroll nuts are made from 303-S31 grade (A2) Stainless Steel that guarantees a long life. Alternatively, they can be produced in Marine Grade (A4) stainless steel that is harder. They can also be manufactured in case hardened steel (BZP) for use in higher torque applications.

Its also worth noting that tamper proof scroll nuts can also be manufactured with just a drive groove, which means they can be tightened but not loosened. This converts the nut into a one way security fastener, providing the same level of security as a shear nut.

Scroll nuts are available in metric sizes from M3 up to M24. Its worth noting that tamper resistant scroll bolts are also available but these need to be manufactured to order.

Where Security Scroll Nuts are Used

Security scroll nuts are growing in popularity due to the security protection they provide and the fact they can be removed and reused as required. If you take a look around you will see these clever tamper proof fasteners in many public areas such as transport systems and council facilities. Scroll nuts can be used with a wide range of security bolts and screws including shear bolts and snake eye screws (pig nose bolts).

Standard nuts can be readily replaced with security scroll nuts to introduce tamper resistance and prevent vandalism. Applications include securing access hatches and containers that need to be opened from time to time. One-way security fastenings would be inappropriate and standard nuts could be easily undone or tampered with using standard tools so the use of security scroll nuts provides both protection and peace of mind.

scroll nut dimensions
Scroll Nut Product Codes and Dimensions


Engine mountings are now often making use of security scroll nuts to prevent unauthorised removal, especially in valuable classic cars. You will see sanitary ware in public facilities often fixed in place using tamper-proof security scroll nuts. And they are also commonly used to hold machinery safety guards in place to prevent the guards from being removed. We also know how security scroll nuts have been used around CCTV towers and the valuable equipment they support. They are also used in lifts and around escalators to prevent vandalism and tampering.

Scroll nuts are also being widely used to fix exhibits in place in museums and galleries. These versatile, effective security fastenings are extensively used in shipbuilding, automotive applications, public transport and electrical distribution systems where they ensure anti-tamper protection and security. Versatile, stainless steel scroll nuts are being used all around the world in a wide variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor.

Special Security Scroll Nut Driver Tool

As noted, security scroll nuts require the use of a special driver tool to tighten and release them. The rounded, conical shape of the nuts makes it virtually impossible to remove them using standard tools such as spanners, grips or pliers.

scroll nut driver tool
Scroll Nut Driver Tool


The special scroll nut driver tool features a square end that’s cross-drilled to allow it to be used with either a tommy bar or a ring-type, box-type or socket spanner. The centre of the driver tool is drilled out to accommodate any bolt thread protruding through the nut. Three ball bearings on the inside of the driver tool engage with the slots in the scroll nut to either tighten or release it.

The right size driver tool is required in order to mate with the matching size of security scroll nut. Without this tool the nut cannot be tightened or undone.

Security scroll nuts are ideal for any medium to high torque indoor or outdoor application.

If you have any questions about security fastenings which options are appropriate for your needs, remember we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 2nd March 2023


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