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Why Home Security is Essential in 2020


Voice activated smart home systems including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have become commonplace over the past few years, supporting our increasing reliance on technology. We can remotely control our home lighting, environment and entertainment systems, we can monitor our refrigerator contents and we can even automatically feed our pets. But remarkably, many people have still failed to consider their home security needs and have no form of security in place.

Failing to take adequate home security precautions can be both costly and extremely upsetting. Dealing with the cost impact of theft is bad enough, but the emotional impact is often underestimated and for many can be far more stressful than the financial impact. Here are just some of the main reasons why you need to take stock of your home security precautions today.

Keep Your Family Safe

The primary objective when considering home security is to keep your family safe and secure. Burglaries are on the increase and it’s worth being aware that around 28% take place when someone is at home. Encounters with burglars can become violent so the best precaution is to deter and prevent them from entering your home in the first place. And it’s not only your family that needs protection. Pets, especially dogs, are often targeted in burglaries so it’s important to take steps to keep them safe as well.

home security essential

Keep Your Valuables Secure

Not so long ago burglars were primarily interested in items that could be easily sold-on, such as televisions, sound systems and computers. These days the “valuables” sought by thieves include car-keys, bank cards and personal identity information. While it’s always a good idea to securely lock away valuable jewellery and other portable items, it’s vitally important to understand what thieves are looking for and always take adequate precautions to keep them secure.

safes and cabinets for valuables

Break-In’s Cause Damage

The vast majority of burglars gain access to properties via windows and doors and it’s common for damage to occur when they do. Locks might be forced open, window and door frames can be damaged and window-panes can be purposely broken. Once inside your home burglars will often work quickly to locate valuable items they know they can sell. In the process they don’t care about the damage they cause as they rip open cupboards and drawers and in some cases they will even cause malicious damage on purpose.

first floor open window

Dealing with the emotional impact of burglary is bad enough, but to see your beautiful home ruined by rampaging burglars is extremely upsetting.

Burglars are Rarely Caught

It has been estimated that only around 14 arrests are made for every 100 reported burglaries in the UK. This poor level of crime detection is clearly not a great deterrent and not all of those arrested will actually be convicted. The bottom line is that most burglars are getting away with their crimes - and they know it!

What this means for home-owners is that we all need to implement adequately rigorous home security precautions that will deter would-be burglars from even attempting to gain entry into our properties.

Lower Home Insurance Costs

Something to be aware of when reviewing your home security measures is how beefing up security can reduce your home insurance premiums. It’s a good idea to get in touch with your home insurance provider, tell them that you want to improve your home security and ask for their advice. They will often be very happy to help by providing guidance and recommendations regarding security precautions that are appropriate for your property and will help reduce your home insurance costs.

Different Properties Have Specific Security Challenges

It is worth noting that the home security requirements of an upper-floor, urban apartment are likely be a lot different than what’s needed to secure a remote, isolated rural property. It’s vitally important to recognise the specific security challenges that exist for each individual property and then take appropriate precautions to mitigate identified risks.

If you have any questions regarding property and home security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll give you some free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 9th January 2020

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