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Why Homes and Businesses Love Prikla Strip Anti Climb Spikes


When shopping for fence spikes or wall spikes, to beef up perimeter security around your home or business, you’ll find what can be a bewildering selection of products available today. Here at Insight Security we always endeavour to help our customers make the right choice to ensure that their security aims are achieved. This is why we encourage our custmers to give us a call to discuss their objectives and make certain they are fully aware of the options available, the pros and cons of each solution and the costs involved.

Prikla Strip is one of our most popular ranges of anti climb fence spikes so we thought it would be worthwhile letting people know why this excellent product is so popular, based on what our customers tell us.

What is Prikla Strip?

Prikla Strip anti climb spikes provide a tried and tested, highly effective way to deter unwanted intruders, burglars, cats and others from climbing fences, walls or other structures such as flat roofs. Manufactured from hard wearing polypropylene, Prikla Strip consists of rows of rigid but safe plastic spikes which are carefully designed to cause maximum discomfort but zero harm. This is an important feature of the Prikla strip anti-climb barrier as property owners can be liable for harm caused to anybody who might attempt to gain entry to their property.

The spikey appearance of Prikla strip is one of the key attributes that makes it an effective anti-climb deterrent. Children or would-be intruders who see a row of spikes along the top of a fence, wall or gate will think twice before attempting to climb it.

It’s worth noting that people often refer to this product as Prikka strip, Prickler strip or even Prickly strip. There are many low-quality copies of this product on the market today but buyers need to be careful. For example, we were made aware of a poor quality Prikla Strip copy product which, when exposed to UV light for even a short period of time, became unusably warped. Customers can be 100% confident that the Prikla strip products available from Insight Security are of the highest quality, will not warp in sunlight and will provide many years of totally reliable use.

Prikla Strip Variety and Versatility

If you take a look at the range of Prikla Strip fence and wall spikes available from our online shop you can see the extensive range of Prikla Strip products designed for all forms of installation. Prikla Strip is available in a range of popular colours, designed to blend with walls, fences and exterior decor.

Prikla Hinge-Strip is cleverly designed to allow the strip to match a contoured surface, perhaps on a fence-top or even a drainpipe. Prikla Super-Strip is another product variation, designed to match the standard width of a brick making it ideal as a wall-topper or for installation around the edge of flat rooftops.

Prikla Strip is manufactured from robust, UV (ultra violet) balanced weatherproof, recycled plastic in strips of 500mm length and available in various money-saving bulk packs.

Easy to Install

Our customers love the fact that Prikla Strip is incredibly easy to install. Individual 500mm Prikla Strips comes with preformed fixing holes allowing the strips to be screwed or nailed in place as an anti-climb fence-topper. Alternatively strips can be affixed using a suitable outdoor adhesive such as Pink Grip which adheres to most types of building materials.

anti cat prikla strip

Another important attribute of Prikla Strip that makes it super-easy to install is that it can be cut to length. This means that Prikla Strip can be used in even the most constrained and awkward spaces.

Low Cost Anti Climb Solution

An important attribute of Prikla Strip that makes it particularly popular with homeowners is the low cost of this highly effective anti climb barrier. Property owners are sometimes painfully surprised when they measure the total length of their perimeter boundary fence or wall and then calculate how much it will cost to install anti climb spikes throughout. Importantly, bulk pack products, such as our ‘Prikla Super-Strip Multisaver 36 metre bulk pack’, make even large Prikla Strip installations highly affordable.

Non-Aggressive and Safe to Use

While Prickla Strip has an aggressive, spikey appearance it’s recognised as a non-aggressive anti climb barrier as it is not designed to be harmful. While the plastic spikes can cause a lot of discomfort they will not cause harm.

This is important as the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 means that property owners can be liable for injuries caused to uninvited intruders or climbers. It’s also important when using Prikla Strip as an animal deterrent, to keep cats and foxes out of gardens. The plastic spikes are extremely uncomfortable for animals to stand on so the barrier effectively deters them from entering premises, but the spikes are entirely harmless to animals and birds.

prikla strip not harmful

To meet the requirements of the Occupiers liability act appropriate warning signage should be prominently displayed wherever Prikla strip is installed. Warning signs are not required on domestic installations unless the boundary wall or fence borders onto a public roadway, common land, children’s playground, school or somewhere similar. We provide economical Prikla Strip packs which include the required high visibility warning signs.

Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Some of the most beneficial recommendations for Prikla Strip are actually provided directly from our customers. Here’s a selection of Prikla Strip testimonials that demonstrate how our customers use this product.

Martin Dodsworh (Prikla45 Anti Climb Security Spikes)

Excellent service and a great product. Not often I can say that these days, but in this case I have nothing but praise. Highly recommended.

Stephen Sands (Prikla45 Anti Climb Security Spikes)

Brilliant product really easy to fit they will do the job nicely. Purchased from this amazing company 1st class on delivery and advice.

Mrs Bailey (Prikla45 Anti Climb Security Spikes)

I think this product is really good & would recommend it. It is certainly keeping neighboring cats away especially as the wild birds have now got young, which come to feed in the garden.

Jacqui (Prikla Hinge-Strip)

Excellent product, easy to install. Has kept cats out ...... so far :) Very pleased wth service provided & delivery of product. Would definitely buy from them again .

Charmaine (Prikla Hinge-Strip)

We had a lot of problems with intruders jumping over the wall as a shortcut and lifting what ever they see, so with Paul’s advice we fitted a trellis then the spikes on top plus additional were fitted along the wall by the council who again following the advice given as I forwarded the email from yourselves. ‘Touch-wood,’ we haven’t had any trouble since but it would be fair to say, you’d have a job to climb and hold to leap over! I am so grateful for the time taken by Paul who has made a huge difference to us now enjoying our back garden in peace.

Lynda L. (Prikla Hinge-Strip)

More than happy with Prikla Hinge Strips and service provided. I am using product to deter foxes and cats from my garden. I will recommend Insight Security to my friends

Sarah (Prikla Hinge-Strip)

Product arrived quickly, easy to cut luckily as need 2 and a piece per fence panel. Sharpe plastic spikes to keep the cats off the fence jumping onto our Cold Frame greenhouse.

Linda Burley (Prikla Hinge-Strip)

Had lead flashing stolen from an 8ft high lean-to shed so bought this to deter climbing as it comes with warning signs too.Hopefully it will stop cats coming into the garden as well `cos i have 2 dogs.

Darren Bourne (Prikla Hinge-Strip)

I ordered the spikes after another attempted breakin at my home where access had been gained by climbing a garden fence, The spikes are easy to fit with the flexi hinge ensuring the spikes formed to the curved top of the fence. It was easy to drill additional holes in the strips, which I needed to do as the fence posts restricted access to the original ones at the end of the strip. When I needed to shorten the strips I used a wood saw which cut them with out any problems. Ordering was hassle-free and they were delivered in 2 days.

If you have any questions regarding Prikla Strip or how best to implement anti climb precautions remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Friday 22nd May 2020

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