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Why Use an Anti Arson Letterbox or Letterbox guard?

Protecting your home, school or business against malicious arson attack through your letterbox is just one of the practical ways to protect your property against Arsonists.

Arson Attacks in the UK, are a real threat to you, your home, school, business, etc. Anti-arson letterbox guards prevent malicious insertion of burning material into your letterbox, and other benefits too - they even prevent your dog chewing your mail - or your children getting trapped fingers!

"Reported" instances of arson attack rose from 39,700 cases in 1989, to 91,000 in 1999 ...and continue to rise.

Recorded UK figures (2006 - APB) show that there were 436,677 reported fires, whilst the Arson Attack related element alone, shows that every week in the UK, there are;

  • 2,213 Arson Attacks (that`s over 115,000 annually!)
  • 2 deaths
  • 53 injuries
  • 20 schools and colleges damaged
  • 262 homes damaged or destroyed
  • 360 businesses or public buildings damaged or destroyed
  • ...plus damage to many vehicles

And of course as many incidents are dealt with on site, they are never reported to the local Fire Brigade / Authority, and therefore do not feature in the reported statistics !!!

Would your home or business have survived a fire like this?

Letterbox Risks

Here are just a few of the risks your letterbox is vulnerable to:


Insertion of burning rags or paper ...or firework attack. Particularly common around bonfire night.

Insertion of petrol, urine or other unpleasant substances


So called Phishing attacks - to steal your car keys or other accessible valuables.


Anti Arson Mailbox Advantages

In the home, the use of a MailPro Anti Arson Mailbox offers some other great advantages;

Such as, preventing your pet from destroying your mail (or even your young children posting valuable objects out of the letterbox!)

Helping with heating bills by reducing draughts.


So you can see that although MailPro Anti Arson letterboxes are designed primarily to help protect your property against Arson Attack - they are a multi-purpose device!

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