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Why You Need Weatherproof Padlocks


As the summer, if you can call it that, draws to a close the autumn weather reminds us of what’s to come. British winters are tough, especially up north. Temperatures plummet, winds achieve hurricane speeds and the rain becomes almost permanent. Everything that we leave outdoors must contend with these arduous weather conditions, including the padlocks we use to secure our outbuildings, sheds, gates and valuables.

Padlocks provide a versatile, practical way to secure almost anything. But if you, like me, lock your outbuilding door with a non-weatherproof padlock that was only ever intended for interior use, then don’t be surprised to find that you can’t unlock it when you need to. In my case, I secured my outbuilding door in October last year using what I thought was a good, strong padlock. But when spring came around and I needed to get into the building to retrieve garden equipment the lock was totally seized up, taking me many hours of effort to finally open it.

What is a Weatherproof Padlock

A fully weatherproof padlock is entirely made from non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel. This includes all of the internal mechanism which, in non-weatherproof padlocks, will most likely corrode and seize up - which is what I experienced.

Marine Padlocks

Padlocks required for harsh marine and boating applications must not only cope with moisture, they must be capable of handling total immersion in salty sea water. The higher conductivity of seawater, combined with the penetrating power of the chloride ion through surface films on metals, makes seawater far more corrosive than fresh water.

Furthermore, marine padlocks will often be used in dirty, sandy environments making them susceptible to the ingress of solid particles and grit. Exposure to sand, grit and dirt is not good for any padlock and will potentially make it difficult or even impossible to open a gummed-up lock. Marine grade padlocks are often, but not always, encased in a plastic jacket with protected keyways to keep the dirt and grit out. As noted for weatherproof padlocks, marine padlock mechanisms and shackles are made from non-corrosive metals.

Find the Best Weatherproof Padlock

The best weatherproof padlocks very much depends on the application. For example, for my outbuilding I needed a weatherproof padlock that will withstand corrosion, due to being permanently outdoors. And I need it to work with the existing hasp to secure valuable garden equipment that’s locked away for the winter months, so the lock needs to be fully corrosion-free so that I don’t run into the same struggle when I try to unlock it next spring.

squire ss80cs
Squire ss80cs weatherproof, high security CEN6 padlock.

 So I opted for the CEN6 rated, high security Squire SS80CS padlock. While this isn’t the cheapest padlock on the market it represents only a small fraction of the value of what the lock is protecting, so it’s a good investment.

As noted, this padlock has achieved the highest European CEN 6 security rating. It features a 16mm Hardened Boron alloy steel closed shackle along with an 80mm hardened steel body. An important element is the highly secure, six pin, double stainless steel ball locking system that’s supplied with 2 keys. The lock body uses a corrosion resistant black Electrophoretic finish which includes a protective plastic body bumper. This super tough padlock will withstand almost anything.

The closed shackle design means only a minimum of the shackle is exposed. This reduces the potential for attacks using bolt cutters, angle grinders and saws. And a closed shackle padlock was recommended by my insurance company when I consulted them about how I should lock away my garden equipment for the winter.

squire ss89cs with high security chain
Squire ss80cs weatherproof padlock with high security chain.

Something to keep in mind is that this heavy duty padlock is not lightweight. It’s a hefty 2.1kg in weight which makes it most suitable for static applications.

This fantastic Squire padlock comes with a full 10 year manufacturers guarantee, which clearly reflects their confidence in the quality of their padlock.

The key thing to remember when looking for a padlock and wondering how much to spend is to consider what the padlock is protecting and how much would it cost to replace if stolen or damaged. Allocate a budget that’s appropriate and get the best possible padlock which offers the highest level of security with rigorous weather proofing to provide reliable protection for many years to come.

If you have any questions about padlocks or what’s required to secure your buildings or valuables, please give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Thursday 8th October 2020

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