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Window Bars and Security Grilles


Crime prevention experts agree that window security is a key consideration in foiling the burglar, whether you`re looking for home security or to protect your business premises. 

Adaptabar window bars & modular security grilles (also often referred to as burglar bars, anti intruder bars or simply security bars) offer a low cost, practical solution to protecting your vulnerable windows and offer some great advantages over costly made to measure window grilles.


Above: Face Fix bars fit over the whole face of the window

Below: Reveal Fix bars fit neatly into the window recess

The telescopically adjustable bars can be used on their own...or converted into a security window grille by adding the optional lateral spacer bars

Adaptabar Window Bar Benefits

 No need for a costly salesperson`s visit  ...as your  measurements do not have to be millimetre perfect, you can easily work  out what size bars you need (sales visits obviously cost the supplier  money, so you`ll pay for it somewhere even if you`re not invoiced for  the visit!).

 Adaptabars are simple to fit ...so anyone with even basic handyman skills can fit them - no need to call in a costly professional installer (unless you want to of course!).

 Guaranteed to fit every time ...each bar is adjustable in length, so unless you`ve really got your measurements Mega wrong, the bars will fit every time ...and if you`ve got it really wrong, you can always exchange them for the right size (you wouldn`t be able to return a custom manufactured grille for exchange!).

 Stylish  ...with a choice of Face Fix or Reveal Fix window security bars, you`re guaranteed that there`s one just right for your needs.

 Secure  ...Adaptabars offer the same high level of security as made to measure bars.

 Simple to work out what you need  ...it`s just a simple three step process to work out what type and how many bars you`ll need and as your measurements do not have to be millimetre perfect, you can easily work out what size bars you need.

 Available from stock for next day delivery    ...so you can beef up your security right away, without having to wait for bespoke bars to be manufactured.

With benefits like the ones listed above, its easy to understand why these days, more than 95% of our enquiries for window security bars are now for the Adaptabar range! 

Why risk all the trauma and aggravation that follows a burglary when protecting your valuables is so inexpensive and easy? 

Adaptabar Installation

AdaptaBar Window Security Bars are so simple to fit - anyone can do it!

And working out what you need is a piece of cake! Just click below for the 3-step easy guide topdf icon Choosing Your Window Bars.



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